About Warja Lavater

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Also, this lovely description from Nieves.

Lavater’s formal vocabulary is very clean, very Swiss; it is simplicity itself. The colors are bell-like and clear, either primaries or tonal relatives. To ever-recurring squares and circles she adds her own idiosyncratic fillip with large swirls, dotted lines or Pac-man shapes. But the twist comes when we perceive that each of her books tells a literal story, with each exquisitely placed shape standing for an essential element of a familiar fable or fairy tale. The square represents the evil queen’s mirror. The Pac-man shapes are the beasts of the forest. Page by page, a story unfolds with earnestness, wit and formal verve. “Consider Lavater recounting the tales of William Tell or Sleeping Beauty without judgment or irony. As we decode her language of signs and weave her symbols into our memories of the stories, the original magic is reborn in an entirely new and modern language, one that operates independently of the linear specificity of mere words.